About Johannes E. Riutta

For as long as I can remember I have loved books; for nearly as long I have loved learning about the myriad wonders of nature as well. I tried to make a living teaching  people about the many marvelous things to be found in the former only to find myself for over a decade developing binoculars and spotting scopes that could help them to appreciate the latter. Now, well past the proverbial midpoint of my life with the straight path thoroughly lost and no Virgil in sight, I write – preferably about my two favorite subjects: books and natural history.

JER at NHM TringI have a history of doing things not because they are popular nor because they seem likely to be successful; I tend to do things because I see a need for them to be done and little likelihood of anyone else taking to trouble to do them.

Such it was with The Well-read Naturalist. Hundreds of carefully researched, well-written, and fascinating books of natural history were being published each year but few were being reviewed widely enough for them to find their audience; hence I established a publication dedicated to reviewing as many of them as possible to help guide as many people who might be interested in what they contain to them.