About Johannes E. Riutta

For as long as I can remember I have loved books; for nearly as long I have loved learning about the wonders of nature as well. I tried to make a living teaching  people about the many marvelous things to be found in the former only to find myself in a career developing binoculars, telescopes, and most recently microscopes that could help them to appreciate the latter.

I have a history of doing things not because they are popular nor because they seem likely to be successful, but because I see a need for them to be done and little likelihood of anyone else taking to trouble to do them. Such it was with The Well-read Naturalist. I saw hundreds of carefully researched, well-written, and fascinating books of natural history being published every year with few being reviewed widely enough for them to find their audience.

Therefore I established a publication dedicated to writing about – whether as news or in full-length reviews – as many of them as I can. I’ve been doing it for nearly ten years now; never out of a desire for profit or any other gain, but simply because it’s the one thing I can do to help bring more people to a better understanding of the natural world.