This just in! Melissa Harrison‘s new novel All Among the Barley will be published this autumn by Bloomsbury.

I know, I know; I don’t review much fiction here in The Well-read Naturalist – primarily because I haven’t been all that impressed by most of the contemporary fiction I’ve read, and because few contemporary authors I’ve found seem to have any genuine understanding of the natural world, much less incorporate it into their work.

However with Ms. Harrison, given her superb editorial work on the Seasons quartet from Elliott & Thompson, and her sublime Rain; Four Walks in English Weather from Faber & Faber, I know I have found an author of not only exquisite writing skill but also possessing a deep and expansive understanding of the natural world. Thus I think it entirely reasonable to expect that this latest novel – her third, following upon Clay and At Hawthorne Time – is one about which to become more than just a bit tingly with anticipation.