When it comes to Twentieth Century classics of natural history, J.A. Baker’s brilliant memoir The Peregrine usually features prominently on any list. However as widely read and influential as Baker’s writings have been, the story of his own life – owing to his very reclusive nature – has been little known. Little known, that is, until the recent publication by Little Toller books of Hetty Saunder‘s new biography of Baker titled My House of Sky.

To celebrate the publication of her new book, the London Review Bookshop recently held an evening with Ms. Saunders as well as author Robert Macfarlane, who wrote the book’s foreword, and conservationist and editor of J.A. Baker’s Diaries, John Fanshawe, who wrote its afterword.

Fortunately, for all those unable to attend, as well as those did and would like to revisit the discussion of that evening, the Bookshop had the foresight to record evening’s events and has now released it as a podcast.