What with the slashing of both the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase National Monuments by… well, we don’t speak his name here at The Well-read Naturalist as we don’t like to swear, interest in the struggle between public lands and private interests has taken an expected notable upswing. Not surprisingly, many who might be new to this subject may be seeking to learn more about the players and politics involved in, and potential repercussions arising from different outcomes of this struggle.

Therefore is why it is fortunate that Stephen Nash’s new Grand Canyon For Sale; Public Lands versus Private Interests in the Era of Climate Change recently arrived for review. Taking up the subject through the focal points of climate change, plant and animal conservation, and the political structure, financing, and activities of those seeking to put profits before public interest in the management of the Grand Canyon National Park, Nash’s book should serve as both a fine entry point to those new to this subject as well as a valuable resource to those seeking to deepen their understanding of it.