One of the great treats of attending scholarly events is the presence of university presses and other academic publishers who – on occasion – will have with them a copy of a highly anticipated forthcoming book for examination. Such was the good luck I had recently at Entomology 2017 with the forthcoming second edition of Garden Insects of North America by Whitney Cranshaw and David Shetlar.

Scheduled to be released to the market in December 2017 from Princeton University Press, this update from the original 2004 edition offers a number of improvements and expansions, including:

  • Revised and expanded edition covers most of the insects, mites, and other “bugs” one may find in yards or gardens in the United States and Canada—all in one handy volume
  • Features more than 3,300 full-color photos, more than twice the illustrations of the first edition (and by far the most immediately notable difference between the two editions)
  • Concise, informative text organized to help you easily identify insects and the plant injuries that they may cause

I’m certainly looking forward to spending much more time with this new volume, as are, I strongly suspect, many of my regular readers.