Although I am well known for avoiding self-published books, I am also experienced enough to know that for many photographers, self-publishing is often the only way they can get their work into print. Thus when a publicist contacts me with a book of photography, I am more likely to give it a hearing than other books. Such was the case with TreeGirl; Intimate Encounters with Wild Nature.

TreeGirl – also known as Julianne Skai Arbor – is described as an “author, photographer, forest ecotherapy guide, conservation educator and certified arborist.” I can’t say that I honestly know what a forest ecotherapy guide is, but I can say that the photographs she includes in this book are quite lovely, and the trees featured in them are some of the most remarkable species to be found anywhere on the planet.

I’ll be spending a fair amount of time in the coming weeks contemplating these images and reading through the essays that accompany them. Look for my thoughts about what conclusions I draw from both very soon.