Even if you’re not particularly interested in astronomy, it’s very difficult not to enjoy the duo of Frasier Cain and Dr. Pamela Gay as the hosts of Astronomy Cast. As a regular listener, I’ve learned a remarkable amount about not only astronomy but a wide variety of other subjects as well.

Most recently, the pair have undertaken a three part series titled “Animals in Space;” two parts of which have now been released for download. As might be expected, this mini-series takes up the subject of what happens, as discovered through the large number of experiments undertaken with them, to animals in micro gravity. Part one covers insects and arachnids, while part two considers mice and other small animals.

What’s to come in part three? Reportedly, cats, dogs, and primates. According to Cain at the end of part two, this concluding episode of the trilogy will be very sad. Even so, and difficult as it is for me to hear or read about anything bad happening to dogs, I still plan to listen, knowing that whatever the next episode contains, it will be done well as well as done in the interest of communicating important discoveries from scientific research.