fg-moths-britain-ireland-3rd-coverMy first edition of the Field Guide to the Moths of Great Britain and Ireland was actually the second. Living in the U.S. where the study of moths is, shall we say, not quite as enthusiastically pursued at any but the professional level as it is in the U.K., I had the misfortune to develop an interest in the subject. The problem was that there were (and still are) precious few books on American moths to be found – and even those that were available most commonly covered species of the eastern half of the country. Cold comfort indeed for a westerner such as myself.

Therefore when I happened upon the aforementioned second edition whilst strolling through one of the Birdfair marquees, I was absolutely astonished that such a detailed and well-illustrated book even existed. Buying it immediately, it has been a stalwart companion ever since in my quest to learn more about these fascinating, if often under appreciated, members of the Lepidoptera – even if it doesn’t specifically cover the ones I see in Oregon.

Now, word reaches me that a new edition beckons. Written by Paul Waring and Martin Townsend, and illustrated by Richard Lewington, this forthcoming third edition of the Field Guide to Moths of Great Britain and Ireland promises to be fully revised, updated, and restructured. It will be published this coming February.