Tyrannosaur Chronicles coverTyrannosaurus rex. Back when I was a boy, there wasn’t a child worth his or her collection of little plastic dinosaurs that didn’t know the name of this (then, at least) most fearsome – and singular – of creatures.

Since that time, while I’ve been busy losing my hair as well as my once athletic physique, paleontologists have been gaining species of Tyrannosaurs; thirty at last count (although there could recently have been added one more, as one per year seems to have been the norm over the past decade).

In his new book The Tyrannosaur Chronicles, the Biology of the Tyrant Dinosaurs, Dr. David Hone, Lecturer and Deputy Director of Taught Programmes (Organismal Biology) at Queen Mary University, London, explains what we presently know about the biology, ecology, and evolution of these fascinating and iconic creatures.