TR in the Field coverWhen it comes to people from history about whom I never tire of reading, Theodore Roosevelt is right up at the top of my list. Whether it be his self-development from a sickly boy into the famously robust man he became, his fascinating and unconventional political life, or his many and varied outdoor adventures, T.R. was a boundless source of interesting material for authors. Which is why my interest was immediately piqued by word of a new book from University of Chicago Press by Michael R. Canfield titled Theodore Roosevelt in the Field.

As his work on the previously published Field Notes on Science and Nature so well demonstrated, Dean Canfield is superb at bringing together a wide range of disciplines into one coherent and interesting book – and with T.R.’s notoriously wide-ranging number of outdoor and natural history interests, I find it difficult to think of someone whose writing on Roosevelt’s endlessly curious mind I’d more like to read.