Halliday_Frogs_9780226184654_jkt_MB_REVISEDField guides are wonderful things – particularly those that feature top-quality photographs or illustrations of their subjects. But sometimes, high quality as they may be, it’s simply difficult to get a sense of the animal, plant, or what-have-you as it is in life without being able to see it life-size. Which is why so many naturalists have been praising University of Chicago’s “Six Hundred Life-Size” books; they present their subjects, just as the title says, in life-size.

Recently, a copy of their latest addition to this collection arrived on my desk: Tim Halliday’s The Book of Frogs; a Life-Size Guide to Six Hundred Species from Around the World. Joining the previously published volumes about beetles, bird eggs, shells, fungi, and leaves, this new volume should be of great interest to both amateur and professional naturalists alike.