While it may look much like many of the other compact inverted Porro prism binocular models on the market today, the Bushnell Elite e2 7x26mm is actually far above its look-alikes in both construction and performance. One need only take one of these little gems in hand to tell that something about it is unlike most other compact inverted Porro models. While not heavy by any means, it feels sturdy and possessed of the solidity denoting a well-made instrument.

Bushnell_Elite_7x26_Compact_Binoculars__75604_zoomOne of the reasons for this feeling of substance and solidity is that the Elite e2 7x26mm incorporates some of the largest Porro prisms to be found in any compact inverted Porro model presently in production into its optical design. As a result it offers its user a visual image that is both visually rich as well as exceptionally expansive in depth of field for a compact binocular; something particularly valuable in any field optic intended for general use.

Small enough to fit into a coat pocket and easily carried around the neck or over the shoulder without being bulky or cumbersome, the Elite e2 7x26mm is a great choice for most any field or recreational purpose – including, thanks to its seven foot / 2.4 meter close focus distance, bird, insect, and plant study. And while it isn’t Nitrogen purged and sealed to make it fully water-proof, its external lenses are treated with Bushnell’s RainGuard® HD water-repellent lens coating to prevent spotting from rain, external condensation, or other water falling upon the lenses.

Regular readers may recall that in the past I have not commented favorably on the use of compact binoculars – either Porro or roof prism –  for extensive field use; which is why it should be considered as a sign of just how impressed I am with this particular binocular that I would break with this general outlook and unreservedly recommend it for such use.