Swarovski Optik has introduced a new family of spotting scopes: the Swarovski ATX / STX series. Truly innovative in their design, these new ATX and STX models employ a modular component system that will allow for three different objective diameters – 65mm, 85mm, and 95mm respectively – to be combined with either a straight or angled eyepiece module to produce a total of six different overall configurations: 25-60x65mm (straight or angled), 25-60x85mm (straight or angled), and 30-70x95mm (straight or angled).

In addition to their modular construction that will allow users to create the ideal spotting scope to suit their specific intended use, the Swarovski ATX / STX models are described as offering a close focus distance which will allow for use not only in bringing distant objects clearly into view but nearby objects as well. The 25-60x85mm configuration, for example, is reported to offer a close focus distance of 3.6 meters (11.8 feet); thus making it useful not simply in bird watching and hunting but in entomology, geology, and variety of other natural history disciplines as well. Of course, such a close focus distance will also make it very desirable to digiscopers.

Yet even more than their close focus distance capabilities, what will make the Swarovski ATX /STX models so desirable to digiscopers will be the new Swarovski TLS APO T-mount adapter module that will allow Canon DSLR, Nikon DSLR, Sony, and four-thirds digital camera system users to connect their camera bodies directly to the scope and use it more in the manner of a traditional long lens than a digiscoping rig.

Naturally, such technology comes with a price. Retail prices for the 65mm model average around U.S. $3,400.00, the 85mm around U.S. $3,800.00, and the 95mm just over U.S. $4,000.00.