As the previous images of the Sauvie Island nesting Ospreys that I recorded with my DSLR camera were less than satisfactory, I brought my Swarovski digiscoping rig to the site on my next visit. Needless to say, I’m very glad indeed that I did. Even though the best vantage point for photographing the nest is on a steep hillside adjacent to a shoulderless road, the digiscoped images I was able to record more than compensated for nearly being struck by the occasional passing truck. As can be seen from the wing somewhat lazily upstretched from the nest, the chick’s first set of flight feathers can be seen emerging through the grey natal down which has thus far protected it from the elements. Unfortunately, like many kids during the summer, the chick was sleeping late; thus I was only able to catch a few fleeting glimpses of it as it rolled over to achieve a more comfortable sleeping position.